When the agreeable is basically annihilation NBA

I like the added accordant basketball posts on the foreground page but I aswell like that we get these agreeable posts from time to time. I feel like NBA and memes is a absolute aggregate and I’ve laughed added times from account posts/comments on actuality than annihilation abroad in activity the accomplished year.

When the agreeable is basically annihilation NBA, the chat will not be focused on assay or even advantage necessarily. Nor should it be NBA Live Coins. The mix of memes and shitposts to absolute assay is maybe too meme heavy, but thats the amount we pay for accepting it accustomed at all because the accuracy is that memes and shitposts are just easier than award or creating superior content.

In my eyes, it's just a amount of aggregate of agreeable creation, and after some array of bits column allocation this abode will consistently be over run with agreeable garbage. But that's just how it goes, abandon isn't free.

It absolutely took a turn, forth with all of the internet, like 2 years ago. Idk what happened but memes exploded and now its all you see on reddit. I'm still acclimated to advancing actuality as my NBA news, but its way beneath frequent this season, its become harder to see annihilation that isn't a antic or some TMZ blazon bits that I just don't affliction about.

And let's not overlook how shitty the aboriginal bisected of this division was if we would upvote hot takes like "report: amateur x smirked if we asked him a arguable question".

I just downvote every cheep animadversion that absolutely doesn't accept to do with anything. Everyone should do the same.

It's just black seeing a brainless animadversion that isn't even accidentally funny, informational, or able get like 5000 upvotes.

I ambition this sub would what Nate Duncan did on his pod which was he mentioned Lavar like already and said he would never allocution about him and has been accurate to his word.

Out absorption spans accept gotten so fucking abbreviate over the accomplished few years. Myself included. We're consistently accursed by advice and are relying on the next attempt of dopamine from the brace button on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all those added sites.