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I was 12 when Episode I came out and it killed star wars for me. I've only seen parts of the other movies on passing since then. It completely killed what I was led to believe the force was from all the books I read and the roleplaying games i played and such. It essentially came down to how much "Jedi blood" you have in you? What a jump the NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Personally I think I hated I more than II, because I can't stand young Anakin and Hayden was plenty bad himself. I thought between the two movies there was a serviceable storyline for one film and then they could have made III part II and something like what they did with Rogue One could have been III, but with more of Vader just crushing everything in his path.

This isn't a historical docu-drama series on HBO. It's a fictional space opera with wookies and laser gun duels. But you know, how dare they ask us to suspend our disbelief for something like midichlorians.

I was 18 and went to a midnight screening with my best friend at the time; we'd also gone to all the Star Wars Special Edition cinema release midnight showings. And in the hype of a full, rowdy, Star Wars mania midnight crowd, we all thought Episode 1 was electric. And then thought about it the next day and were like "hang on, that was... not actually that great".

The funny thing is that Episode I received generally favorable reviews when it came out. We as a society were just so excited that we all deluded ourselves.

I can remember my parents taking me to Florida in May 99. We watched episode 1 and I was shocked by how vocal Americans were in the cinema compared to us Brits. And also shocked by how shite the film was despite the massive hype.

He was the Big Bad Booty Daddy and was pushed pretty heavy already in 98-99. His matches were 99% punches and then a Steiner Recliner, so I can see why Dave wouldn't mention him.

According to his book, at this point he was trying and failing to stay sober. Not someone who was under any condition to actually be a performer. He wasn't really seriously into working on himself til late 2001, over 2 years after this.

Anyway, he didn't really start the road to recovery til late 2001, and wasn't in a condition to return to tv til basically when he did in mid 2002.