Try to sync-up the streams on NBA Live Coins

I've tried every one of their syncing methods on android/opera whatever. It doesn't work. The streams on periscope always try to jump to the live feed even if you pause it to the right time. It's an awful platform to try to sync-up the streams on NBA Live Coins.

They recently started to post a live feed of the game clock on the TV they are watching. I havent found it to be very hard honestly.

Periscope doesn't allow you to pause and resume for some reason. You have to do some finagling with timestamps which are hard to estimate because the game is continuing to play.

It took me a while to sync up. I have a mac so I paste the link into IINA, no issues at all now. Even when I couldn't sync perfectly, I'd still listen to them discuss the game during commercial breaks and halftime.

When i'm streaming the game on my computer i use the opera browser to sync the commentators but if the delay between the live periscope broadcast and my playback of it is too great, periscope will automatically re-sync my playback to live, which is pretty frustrating to deal with five times in a half.

I don't hate the television commentators and would probably even prefer the TV audio in the biggest games of the postseason, but when trying to get a better understanding of what's going on in the game the twitter NBA show makes it a lot easier. it's obviously a niche broadcast but i like it. i just hope they figure out a way to make it easier to sync things up in the future.

I like the advanced stats angle and the more robust play breakdowns that they do. Takes a minute to get synced up, but it's worth it.

While I do listen to their podcasts often no way I'll watch their Twitter show. I've given it a chance and they're just so cringe. While smart on the topic they offer zero in entertainment department.