To veto a guy he really doesn't NBA Live Coins

Expectations of how Cliff will deal with youth and a full rebuild. Would he have say in who we draft and who we pick up in FA.

According to his interview with Mike Bianchi this morning, he doesn't have a say in who we draft, but he can have a chance to veto a guy he really doesn't NBA Live Coins.

Us as Magic fans were expecting someone young and up and coming, kind of like our team. We're tired of older veterans getting more time than the actual future of our franchise. I know Clifford said he has to evaluate everyone but that's a scripted answer, no one wants to hear that.

Will the team give our young players a chance to prove themselves this year? I'm not getting NBA League Pass to watch Terrance Ross start, I'm watching to see Jonathan Isaac and see what he can really do.

What are his goals for this team this year and throughout his 4 years? What does he think this team has been lacking that he will improve? How does he plan to turn it around?