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I think the Rockets have the ideal offense especially for their personnel and it’s a big part of why they won the most games in the league this year. They have a ton of talent and they maximize their chances with their shot NBA Live Mobile Coins.

They also could have been playing with tired legs since most of their 7-man rotation had been playing heavy minutes all series which could also lead to more missed jump shots.

Playing this way the Rockets trounced our Pacers and ended the season with the leagues best record. They also took the best team in the league to seven games and may very well won had CP3 not gotten injured.

Had the Chris Paul not been injured and they won and were in the finals with a great chance of being the NBA champion, do you even write this article?

I would guess it would be the opposite because everyone would be mentioning how Harden / CP3 and a bunch of role players got the best record, beat defending champion Warriors and LeBron on the way to being champions. All this said I dislike Harden and the warriors, but this article is slanted due to a injury and 1 loss to NBAs best team.

I feel like you're missing the fact that GSW played its final 4 games of the series without Iquodala, who was a starter for GSW in this series. He plays and it's likely a 5 or 6 game series and we're discussing how Harden missed 20-something straight 3pt attempts in the middle of the series and (maybe) drawing the same conclusions. You can't focus only one one team's injuries while disregarding the missing player on the other team.

My response was less about the Rockets missing CP3, however comparing the importance of Iguodala to CP3 is silly I'm sorry. Houston revolves around 2 players, the Warriors have KD / Curry / Thompson / Green before you even think of Andre. Chris Paul is far bigger piece to what Houston did this year.

However what I was referring to is that this post thumbs its nose at Houstons accomplishments where they are probably the 2nd best if not the best team in basketball when healthy this year. The style did not fail as implied it took a team to the best record and the defending champions to game 7. No other team can say that, sure they shot bad, I remember our Pacers shooting bad some games does that mean the style is flawed or won't work?