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Everything she brought up was true also, start Arron to free up Al and smart guards lebron 100% of the game and we NBA Live Coins.

Just saw Tony Brothers is reffing in the replay center tonight. We gotta get that lead big before the last two minutes.

Hopefully we come out fast in the first quarter and take the lead early. That's what killed us last game. Also not missing a bunch of layups and dunks.

Can't believe most non Boston and Cleveland fans want to see the same rematch of the finals. Especially teams of fans that LeBron destroys like the Raptors.

Keys to winning this game: 1. Score more points than Cleveland 2. Keep Lebron under 50 3. Marcus' shoot less, Jay's shoot more 4. Don't look like the Suns during the 1st quarter and last 3 minutes of each quarter.

I was beyond frustrated last game and it hurt trying to fall asleep because it felt like we had that game but we blew it. I would like this to be similar to the first two. That would help our team and my blood pressure significantly.

I love this team and what they've done is incredible, but the youth and inexperience showing may single handedly force me to get on a blood pressure medication at the age of 23.

I think it's more of a must win for Celtics than Cavs. They probably feel comfortable winning a game 6 at home, and Lebron feels comfortable in any game 7's. We're already in big trouble, if we lose tonight the odds are stacked against us.