That it was a huge violation at the NBA Live Mobile Coins

Would this be the biggest issue ESPN has run into? I remember a few years ago Adam Schefter got a hold of a hospital report type thing about Jason Pierre Paul’s finger, but I don’t remember hearing about any fallout from that, only that it was a huge violation at the NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Leaks can come from all sorts of people, those who legally do have access to information, and those who might have illegally obtained said information. There are a lot of people along the way who could have leaked the details of the wiretapped conversation that weren't just the defendant. It's not on ESPN to only publish information that was legally disseminated.

I'm not exactly sure how much difference it makes who he allegedly offered 100k to, even if the player was someone else, the result for MIller will likely be the same... his termination. Which a lot of people see happening at the end of this year, as miller and arizona stopped recruiting well before this became public.

The FBI raided his house, I'm gonna venture out there that to get your shit raided implies a whole bunch of improprieties. Even if ESPN missed details, there is something major there enough to warrant, well a warrant, and a early morning raid.

I'm almost certain that this shit happened at arizona, as it did at virtually every top basketball and football program in the country. It's been going on for decades now, and the incentives have only increased as coaching compensation has. John Wooden had people paying players for fucks sake. This isn't really new. I'm hoping this doesn't just stop with miller, but they go after everyone and that this results in some sort of change, if only because the players deserve the vast majority of the millions of dollars the scumbag coaches, athletic directors, and schools are making.