Streaming without even having tried NBA Live Coins

Games running as well if not better than their console equivalents because of being run on super computer gaming servers. The single factor would be latency and that would only really be a problem for precision required games. So what’s that, driving sims, rhythm games and fighting games? Also people are quick to put down streaming without even having tried NBA Live Coins.

Played through Borderlands and its sequel three or four years ago using the Shield Portable and GeForce NOW. Found that there was latency during the early evenings when some service providers throttle data speeds but after that it was fine. Actually better than fine. A standout gaming experience.

Have tried telling them that realistically they’re going to need a mobile phone for the next 30 years and if they swapped to a contract they’d be paying a third what they are at the moment and with unlimited minutes but the mere mention direct debit brings them out in hives. And that’s fine. Activision, EA and Take Two will be more than happy to take the other eighty per cent’s money.

Given these company’s track record for abandoning games and going back on their word, why on earth would you ever trust them to support it long term? With cell phone contracts you have a legally binding document that protects you against the company abruptly changing its mind.

You think you’d have that with these companies? And, according to you, your big argument for convincing your relative to switch is that they’d be getting more value at a third of the price. If I’m paying “near retail prices” for these streaming games, I fail to see the massive savings there.

If they want to charge $5-$10 a month for a subscription that gives me access to their games and allows me to subscribe and unsubscribe on a month-to-month basis, sure go for it. But what you described in your initial example didn’t sound like a subscription service.

EA are scumbags and we don’t even have to get into why. Activision think it’s ok to release a Call of Duty for the same price but minus a single player campaign. Take Two and specifically Rockstar were voted one of the worst companies to work for. That’s worst companies and not worst gaming companies so if they treat their employees like that then can you imagine how they regard the game playing customer.

If you literally never use your phone then ok it might work out cheaper but the relative i mentioned is having to ration their minutes and still is spending about £30 a month. Another relative wanted an emergency phone for in case their car ever breaks down.