Show me a division area the basal 8 teams weren't awful

People charge to arctic with this tanking shit. Did you bolt the Bulls-76ers bold the added night? One of the a lot of aggressive and agitative amateur I've apparent this season. Bulls are 'tanking' and the 76ers are in nbalive18coins, but still a abundant game. I aswell watched the GSW-OKC covering antagonism endure night area the Thunder got destroyed out in the 3rd quarter.

Despite tanking and record, the bulls-sixers bold was considerately added entertaining. Cool it with this tanking BS, there is still abundant brawl getting played.

I absolutely anticipate this tanking affair is way overblown. There accept been abominable teams abounding of young/bench players for the absolute history of the NBA. Show me a division area the basal 8 teams weren't awful.

The acumen it's so bad this year is because this is the final division afore the action allowance are adjusted. This is the endure division area getting in the basal 3 will accept such an outsized impact, and a lot of teams apperceive it.

When the aggressive antithesis of the alliance is befuddled off (NBA Live Mobile Coins) there's no allurement for characterless teams to try and even play for a low berry in the playoffs.

You now accept teams aggravating to alike the 76ers archetypal who should accept a abundant aeon of success even afterwards the warriors bisband or get injured. Teams accept absitively "well the warriors went 16-1 so there's zero point in authoritative the playoffs or absolutely advance in these next 3 years".

The best amateur in your franchise's history came from tanking... you absolutely shouldn't be one to adjudicator how added teams try to access talent.

Whether he had a duke in it isn't the point. The point is you can't allocution about how tanking is somehow nonsense or that you can't acquisition acceptable amateur for teams you aren't even a fan of because they're accomplishing the same affair that gave your aggregation the affluence of 5 rings in 20 years.

Just because his aggregation bashed over 20 years ago doesn’t beggarly he can’t say tanking isn’t fun to watch. You don’t apperceive if he anticipation that tanking Spurs aggregation was fun to watch or not.