Saw how Indy handled it NBA Live Mobile Coins

Not to mention Kyle was injured last year and Cavs had Kyrie. Absolutely baffled that Casey would call this improvement, especially when we all just saw how Indy handled it NBA Live Mobile Coins.

If Boston wins multiple games against the Cavs just like the Pacers I think that's even more damning for Casey + this core.

I think they probably will. Boston matches up really well against the Cavs. Horford can solve a bunch of problems for them.

Horford has never been a dominant rebounder. So what? Watching Horford so far in two playoff series THIS season, the rest no way bums Thompson will outplay him.

A lot depends on what Cleveland does the rest of the playoffs. If they get swept by Boston then it really looks bad on Casey/Ujiri. OTOH, if Cleveland goes 8-0 the rest of the playoffs in a stunning sweep of the Western Conference champ then it looks like the Raptors are in an OK position.

Biggest point made on this thread and elsewhere. If the cavs lose this series, expect some big changes. If Bostons falls consecutively, it will be a "LeGoat discussion."

I'm legit rooting for Boston big time just to make our team look worse. We need change man. I love this team but I want a championship.

I have more faith in Masai than anyone in this organization. People are gonna disagree with him, but he clearly believes in what this team can become. We were still the 2nd youngest team in the playoffs.

People act like there is a long list of candidates that are better coaches than Casey. For all his faults, who would you reasonably replace him with that isn't simply change for the sake of change?

From what I understand Kerr, Stevens and Popovich already have jobs. The risk of firing the coach of the year and replacing him with someone worse is just as high as keeping him.

If we get rid of Masai we might as well move the raptors out of Toronto. It would just be blatant incompetence. Finally have one of the leagues best executives and someone smart controlling the team for the first time ever and we get rid of him? I hope he is here forever.