Official matches are area teams should play to win

The 60 + hours of convenance the teams put in are what is causing them to improve, not some 2 BO3 they do anniversary week. Also The advance infrastructure, coaches, analyst, and money into the arena has fabricated the NA scene added competent, not the format.

Best of 1 makes all the amateur amount instead of if you lose one you can win the added 2. Personal opinion, but this makes the amateur a accomplished lot added exciting.

People are added accommodating to watch envy vs P1 if its just one game, instead of watching 3 amateur to actuate who the champ is.

Playoffs are 6 teams (Best of 5) to actuate who is the best, if the aggregation can't accomplish it to playoff due to formatting changes. They absolutely shouldn't be there. Plenty of acceptable teams in the accomplished had amazing winning annal (80% +) in BO1, so its not as capricious as a lot of humans assume to think.

Do you anticipate Riot is that stupid? If that happened the majority of LCS players would be arrant on cheep appropriate now, from what i've apparent cipher is accomplishing that.

SCRIMS are area teams should improve, official matches are area teams should play to win, if LCS teams can't tryhard during scrims able-bodied again don't ITS NOT BO1'S FAULT and you guys will not win worlds anyways.

Unless Riot talked with the players continued afore anniversary 9 of LCS i dont anticipate they talked with TSM C9 or Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins.

And yes scrims are area you convenance but nothings beats date convenance and we saw that with TSM and their Galio comp, they bare that on date convenance to adept it.