NBA Live - Nerfing an overpowered player

Well the good players can predict the animations, because they know what to press or move from studying the game but you can still beat them.

The Eleague players have that time and a million others. It's just about turning the ball over. Not how you turned it over. You have to figure out why You turned it over. Missing the shots ur pose to make could depend on how long you have been holding turbo during the game and maybe that specific play. Holding turbo affects the entire offense and defense not just the player you are NBA Live Coins.

Okay well that still doesn’t answer my question as to why do i miss wide open shots full stamina on all white but make the same ones with a gatorade symbol next to my name. This game is complete shit and totally random, stop defending this trash ass game.

No NBA player goes from the top of three point line, gets double teamed then is stuck dribbling 7-8 dribbles toward an out of bounds line. Never has that happened. It happens because 2k didnt shorten that animation time. So now if you didnt call timeout when its happening your garunteed a backcourt. Also in what level of basketball over the age of 18 can a PG not make a 10 foot pass? In the same token how can a center throw a backboard to backboard pass and hit his man more consistently than not? The fumbling of passes is also an example.

Why do grown men who are some of the most coordinated people on the planet fumbling passes when it hits them dead in the chest? Why are teams in supermax taking 40 plus threes a game and hitting at least 50%? How can I defend a guy with James harden who walks down the court and pulls up just inside the half court line and makes it everytime? What part of this is realistic? How about amazing shooters bricking wide open shots good release shots but making every contested ever?

The game is data driven yes, but it has holes, most of them come not from the players but from 2k deciding they want to conquer esports, and having a couple major staff leave at the beginning of the game.

They dont fix stuff unless its a vc glitch or nerfing an overpowered player.

You wrote all this garbage but don't you actually understand the mechanics of the game. It's all numbers vs numbers and it's basically a random number generator game based on stats and percentages.

There are also mechanics to keep the game close. All of the things you mentioned have nothing to do with anything. 2k isn't realistic at all. It's more like NBA Jam than it is a realistic basketball sim.

I thought this supermax was complete shit but after taking the time to try and understand things like how the coaches boost certain play styles or how pairing certain defensive settings together can shut your opponents offense down I realized how fun it is and how beautiful the game can be l. However while I understand that it is a game things like the budget equalizer, green releases and running players out of position.