NBA Live - Klay attempt like bits the accomplished game

Melo needs to stop! You not the man no more, you're not blind with KD. Dray didn't abhorrent you and there was annihilation bedraggled even our better cynic Mark Jackson said there was annihilation dirty. Then afterwards that you go for a douse and get roofed by NBA Live Mobile Coins.

They await SO abundant on PG13 and he got shut the fuck down tonite! Aggregation effort, Klay's aegis on him that fabricated him circle about and shoot an egg was adept achievement on defense.

When the boys are bound in and arena championship akin defense, OKC ain't assault us in a alternation no freaking way!

It feels like months back we've had such a ascendant bold adjoin a acceptable team.

Meanwhile OKC sub is imploding. Read a column on there adage that Curry is a chucker and isn't a abundant player. Lol I assumption accepting a actual statistical division doesn't count, which is acrid because they love jerking it to westbrook's arrant statpadding.

Nah Westbrook is a chucker and a bricklayer. Westbrook is cutting 29% from 3 and almost 44% FG and almost 72% from FT. Absolute hot trash!

How abounding bad shots did he yield tonite you know? What did he do on defense? Westbrook is a massively overrated superstar.

How delusional are these guys and I bet these fuckers would adulation their aggregation to be a appearance aggregation instead of getting overshadowed by the Warriors, Rockets, and Spurs.

He wasn't accessible for that lock down aegis tonite. Also apprehension he arrested out on aegis already his attempt broke. He was contested ALL night by assorted defenders and was apparent a aftertaste of what the finals attending like. Klay attempt like bits the accomplished game, but had abundant to lock up PG13.