NBA Live - EA's Asia/Pacific servers still

I downloaded and played bygone and I didn't play one lag chargeless bold out of added than a dozen games. Solo amateur were fine, but annihilation online had slight to NBA Live Mobile Coins.

The Reside contest are amateur hosted matches. That's why it lags. You're application someone's home connection. Which is consistently a bad abstraction in agreement of net play, but lets EA get abroad with not defective a dozen concrete servers.

Is it accessible you didn't change your arena aback and the bold is abutting you to EA's Asia/Pacific servers still?

I downloaded it on a abstracted annual entirely. Is it appropriate to about-face the arena aback to US on my capital account? I've candidly never arrested that. I'll do that afterwards after work, today.

I don't know, it ability not be the problem, but yeah absolutely bifold analysis it. If you've in fact been abutting to EA's servers in that region, it'd accomplish faculty of why you're backward a lot.

I've played about 5 reside contest and haven't had anywhere abreast the lag I get with 2k. Only affair is the bulky animations. And I noticed a slight adjournment in cutting agnate to 2k's online cutting but not nearly as drastic.

I'm not afflicted with reside except the offline modes, but too abundant inclement gameplay and lag, and abhorrent camera angles.

I've been arena both for 15+ years (not that this matters). Reside needs to adhere it up, and EA needs to focus on the NBA Street authorization afresh instead.

I apprehension the CPU brand to yield brainless contested shots. They run to the paint, move to the ancillary and just abandon it up.

I anticipate reside 18 is a footfall in the appropriate administration but you absent me if you said it can attempt with 2k , I'll be honest I anticipate reside will never be a accurate bball sim ala anger but it's still fun to play.

2k has its flaws but it has so abounding sim brawl options and players absolutely play like themselves , reside will not never bolt NBA Live Mobile as continued as 2k doesn't blaze their accomplished aggregation and alpha over lol NBA Live Mobile has been bigger than live back ps2 canicule and I grew up a reside fan.