NBA Live consistently feels like the players are heavy

For starters, the movement is way added fluid, NBA Live consistently feels like the players are heavy, like they accept weights angry to their anxiety or something.. Also, attempt beat is bigger and added consistent, its aswell easier to drive to the paint.

NBA Live just feels like a assignment to play. NBA Live is acceptable for accurate die harder basketball admirers that apperceive all the ins and outs, Xs and Os and the abstruse facets of the game, but for added accidental basketball admirers like myself, Live is just added accesible, fun and aces up and play.

I ability complete like a noob but I consistently acquainted NBA Live sacrificed fun agency in barter for realism. In added words, NBA Live is just too abuse hard.

I played commencement over the weekend afterwards not affecting a basketball bold in about two ancestors and I was hardly disapointed by it. I can't accept that this is the bold alternation that my brother and cousins have been propping up as the end all be all.

It's so boring! I adopt fun sports amateur like the Mario titles, backyard sports, and old academy arcadey amateur like Jam and Blitz, so hopefully Live 18 fills that hole.

There are absolutely abounding things NBA Live does better, but all-embracing Live is just added fun to me. It gets a lot of bottomless abhorrence by NBA Live fanboys, but antagonism is a acceptable thing.

Live is arcade gameplay. Every layup goes in for example, its like fifa vs pes. EA makes arcadey amateur to address everyone, not absolutely abyss gameplay.. NBA Live is sim.

In the Live games, all NBA admirers assume to alone apperceive how to dress application the home aggregation colors like if it was an NCAA setting. And that's how they've done it for abounding abounding years. Looks like they just acclimated the same cipher from their NCAA amateur from aback then.

Just because it is added astute doesn't beggarly it's bad, i get your point and that's fine.. sometimes i am not in the affection of a astute bold and change the sliders etc and get a top account nbalive18coins game.