Most fans get outraged at NBA Live Coins

They clear up rules and explain shit most fans get outraged at NBA Live Coins. They even admitted the wrongful call on Bron the other night. You can’t seriously complain about more transparency? It’s better than nothing.

They don't actually enforce the rules of the game though, they just each have their own version of the rulebook they follow inconsistently on a quarter-to-quarter basis.

This will be great, a lot of casual fans don't know what contact is and isn't a foul and how certain plays are officiated. This can be a great learning experience.

I don't think the refs know what contact is. Obviously since every single game has a brand new definition of what contact is allowed or isn't.

What better way that tapping into the universe of Twitter in real time? Surely the level-headed and deeply introspective nature of Twitter will allow the refs to dispel any notion that there are issues with refereeing in the NBA.

I want to see the refs agree with said call and say its obvious or something, then the NBA "experience delays" on ABC but while they're waiting might as well show multiple angles of said foul and show how it was bullshit.

Refs not blowing it. Refs making normal collars and calls, looking sharp tonight! Keep moving on. They’ll find another slant.