More and more people will start to get into NBA Live Coins

To be fair, the people who say they're not buying the next edition aren't always the same people who do end up buying the game. NBA Live is unfortunately still the only viable basketball sim game on the market (sorry Live), and with the sport itself continuing to grow in popularity, more and more people will start to get into NBA Live Coins.

I'm a fan of the new collision system, and the addition of all the new Classic and All-Time teams. But outside of that I think the game took a lot of steps backwards imo, this year I didn't even bother to touch MyCareer outside of the Prelude because of how bad it is.

The removal of the layup meter is also one of the dumbest changes they've ever implemented, and the fact that Mike Wang had a poll confirming that it's being brought back in NBA Live18 shows that the change was unnecessary, yet not being remedied this year despite of how easy it would be to. Just another way for NBA Live to hype up next year's game as having a "new" feature.

I have said that every year for the past 3ish hahaha, but I think it’s finally time. I just didn’t play this one too much and in the past 2.5 months have played 2 games in the offline myleague mode only, so I’m just gonna keep this one and play it when I want to, but I’m moving on in general.

I played NBA Live13 for 5 years because I didn't have a next gen console, still love it to this day. Finally got a ps4 and bought NBA Live18 on launch...never been so disappointed, definitely gonna wait for the reviews to come in for 19.

I’ve been saying this for years. WWE NBA Live has set the standard and we all should refuse to accept anything less at this point. There’s no real excuse as to why NBA Live can’t implement this as well.

I’ve never played it so I can’t attest to what they have, but I will attest to what MLB the show has. It doesn’t seem as good as this, but I’d love to have that at a minimum.

What's a piss off is that just a couple years ago you could do so much facial structure sculpting, you could already get almost this close, but the way it is now just doesn't make sense. I don't understand removing the ability to do this...

They definitely have infinitely better sculpting but most of these players remade in WWE look like they were slathered in oil and put in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Everything with wweNBA Live18 is better than nbaNBA Live18.. story is very intuitive, what you do on ring and what you talk for real does impact on other events on game, is not cringe by any means NBA Live could easily implement this and other options to their games, however if they made it easier to customize then their wouldn’t be as much incentive to buy next years edition.

What's with these takes people in this community make? That's such a dumb line of reasoning. You're really buying NBA Live every year for player customization? Just do a face scan if it really matters lol.