Likely gonna go in the NBA Live Coins

Guys who would be there hypothetically there that I’d take over him are both Bridges, Sexton, Carter, and Walker. All these players have two way potential. I think Walker could be the steal of the draft especially since he’s most likely gonna go in the NBA Live Coins.

Dude became the first guy ever to lead the NCAA in both points and assists in a single season as a fucking freshman... against power conference opposition. He might have some defensive issues, but his offensive ceiling is waaay up there. Everyone else you named are potential rotation guys, but none would probably ever sniff an all-star team.

Honestly you’re getting all hyped up about stats. You’re a warriors fan so you already see how a player like Trae can get abused on the defensive end of the ball. Honestly, Trae is overrated and his stats are inflated cause there whole offense was just give the ball to Trae and let him do whatever.

You wanna look at number but let’s not forget his insane amount of turnovers. And no player should be shooting 10 threes if they’re only making 36%. Also, remember the fact that his game revolves around trying to draw fouls too.

On the other hand, he's also the perfect backcourt compliment to somebody like Young, in that he can defend opposing shooting guards and distribute the ball if New York wants to run Trae as an offball scorer.

The issue is that we have too many guards right now. I'm guessing we try to move CLee in the offseason and maybe shift Timmy to the 3. Or we draft a wing and then I have no idea what we do. Franky should be getting big minutes. I doubt Timmy will be happy coming off the bench and he's a bit of a diva.

We need talent more than anything, Trey Burke isn't gonna impact our long term planning and I'd be pissed off if he did. If the front office likes Trae's skillset and his character, and they think he's the best talent available, better than either of the Bridges, why would they pass on him?