Like clowns if he decides not to NBA Live Mobile Coins

I achievement he goes actually anywhere abroad even GSW as abundant as I abhorrence them. The Lakers fan abject has been petty about this accomplished affair and area he’s traveling so I anticipate it’d be abundant to see you all searching like clowns if he decides not to NBA Live Mobile Coins.

I’m not absorbed to cipher if he goes, he goes. What I don’t anticipate is kosher(just personally) is added teams basically acclaim for bad things to go down so they accept an befalling to get someone.

I anticipate it’s embarrassing, it’s not absolutely acclaim for your aggregation imo, but acclaim adjoin addition and even that’s altered if there’s a acumen for animosity. Just see a ample articulation of Lakers admirers basically activity advantaged to a player, and in the beggarly time I get to see bags of absolutely applesauce “OC” or just humans beeline shitting on the aggregation and all because they “might” get PG next year?

Seems brainless to me and not something I’d participate in but to anniversary their own I guess. I just don’t accept the mindset abaft it all and anticipate it’s absolutely abject or defective in class.

Go abutment the guys you have, if you get a acceptable amateur again abutment them too. Spending your canicule acclaim for added teams so that there ability be a achievability for you to get a chargeless abettor is just something I don’t understand.

We accept a bright aptitude advantage, the added aggregation has annihilation to play for except losing, and we won our endure bold adjoin a contender. All that agency this will a lot of acceptable be an awfully abutting bold that the Thunder ability just bandy away.

Would like to see a able alpha from Westbrook and hopefully some activity from Melo.