Just sign him to the max out NBA Live Mobile Coins

This abstraction that he ability either opt out or yield a buyout for $14 actor is ludicrous. If he takes a buyout I anticipate it'll be for added like $25 or $26 million.

Also, to the abstraction that OKC would try to assert on a assurance and barter if PG says he's gonna assurance with the Lakers or Sixers: why would PG wish to abate his new aggregation like that if both of those teams can just sign him to the max out NBA Live Mobile Coins?

Yeah, it's about $2 actor added per year, so instead of a 5 year accord starting at $32 actor he'd be accepting a 4 year accord starting at $30 million. But I'd accept to admiration if PG would adopt that added money if it comes at the amount of the Lakers or Sixers giving up something significant.

The Lakers are bigger than you've heard about on Reddit. If PG goes to them, I apprehend them to be abundant bigger than a lot of actuality assume to accept they would be.

Yes, OKC can action 5 years starting at $32 million, admitting if he signs as a chargeless abettor the a lot of he could get is a 4 year accord starting at $30 million. The added year doesn't amount as abundant though, aback it's accepted he'll still be arena in 4 years and would just assurance a new contract, but the added money could be a agency for him.

It's just a catechism of whether the added money would be account it to him if it meant acutely abrasion his next team. A year ago it was appear that his abettor had told the Lakers not to barter annihilation for him because he was traveling to assurance with them anyhow and didn't wish them to gut the aggregation to get him.

Wade took a lot, $8 actor I think? But Wade and Melo are about as adverse as could be if it comes to sacrificing money. Wade has consistently taken beneath throughout his accomplished career, consistently authoritative that sacrifice to try to let the aggregation get bigger people. He did it so abundant he eventually got fed up if the Heat didn't pay him aback and he went and active with the Bulls.

Melo, on the added hand, has consistently taken the a lot of he can get. Melo could accept active a 3 year accord way aback and been a chargeless abettor at the aforementioned time LeBron, Wade and Bosh were. They all capital him to do that so they could aggregation up, but Melo instead went for the max accord for the max years, and as such he wasn't a chargeless abettor at the aforementioned time those guys formed the Heatles.

And I don't anticipate Melo cares as abundant about acceptable as David west. I beggarly he backward in NYK for so long, doesn't assume like something who'd like to win would do. And that's not a bad affair either.

It’s crazy but I anticipate it’s in fact because the rules fabricated it a abuse to airing abaft the 3PT band during chargeless throws, which affected him to change his routine.

Obviously this is mental, but it’s not too bizarre to brainstorm something like that would accept a brainy effect.