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Throughout the year he's shown that he can play some good basketball, no matter the circumstances. He seems to be able to do a little bit of everything and looks to be imo a bit like Paul George, and the Pacers had some decent success with PG. He's got a nice jumper in NBA Live Mobile Coins as well.

I think he has the good aspects of PG13, but not the negatives. Call me crazy for saying it so early, but I think by the time he retires he will be what Paul Pierce could have been. He seems to have the tools to be an all time great, and it all seems self motivated.

I don't have a huge amount of knowledge NBA wise pre 2013. His play in the playoffs, particularly against the Cavs (Cavs fan here, watched most of the ECF) has been very smart and efficient. I can see him being in the picture for MVP in the future.

Either way, the thought of Fultz Simmons Embiid vs Tatum Jaylen Kyrie the next few years while they all keep getting exponentially better is so awesome. East is gonna have some great basketball over the next decade, at least with the young powerhouses arising.

Depending on how things unfold, he may be one of those players that is hampered by circumstance when it comes to MVP. He’s got 3-4 years of Jaylen Hayward and Horford as currently constructed. And if Kyrie stays that makes it even more likely. He’d have to be ungodly for them to give him the MVP. I think he has many awards in his future. But unless he leaves, or some other people do, it’s gonna be a tough battle.

The east will certainly be a fun conference to watch in the near future, I agree there. 76ers, Celtics and Bucks are all teams that have bright futures ahead. Hell I reckon if Kyrie & Hayward were healthy, Boston would have had a good chance to go at least to the finals.

Kyrie does use a lot of the ball though, so he may har ruined some of the solid defense and passing the Celtics had throughout the playoffs. Tatum & Rozier wouldn't have had their opportunities to show up either, so that's another thing I look to. I think it would have been a 6 or 7 game series in that case.

Simmons is a handicap for him : he can't go that much in the paint because simmons can't shoot at all so it's automatic double team. Once Simmons can shoot at least from mid range Joel is going to be unstoppable.