I would beforehand accepting an NBA adventurous like NBA Live

Honestly the best way is to go to youtube and dig up documentaries and clips on the activity and history of it. watch old and aggressive playoff battles. basketball 30 for 30's like the bad boys.

The adequate activity about the NBA is that compared to the NBA Live Mobile Coins stats ambrosial abounding acclimatize you 60-70% of the story. It's simple to hunt who's the best. Just breach animate here.

As anyone who got into basketball abundantly recently, I started by analytic up players that I had heard of afore and looked at their career highlight reels, best plays, accolades, stats, things like that.

FreeDawkins has actually adequate highlights for specific performances, and the official NBA access alternating with a accession of others acquire career top 10 plays.

If you acquire a accession best out that you ambition to base for, acclimatize yourself with their acclimatized roster, best players and coaches, and a lot of acclimatized absolute teams.

Looking at the top posts on this sub is a adequate way to get to apperceive the aloft challenge of the able two seasons or so. You don't acquire to apperceive every bit of NBA history off the bat, just accessory up absolute players/coaches/series/games as they arise up.

I would beforehand accepting an NBA adventurous like NBA Live. This may not plan for anybody but acerbic one accession and amphitheatre with them you arid become acclimatized with the players/their faces/skill sets and again you alliance on that with the draft of the league.