I didn't get the NBA Live 18 Coins

I get micros diplomacy I even spent the 50$ to get my myplayer to 85, but it should about-face to added adventurous modes...

Losing vc every added or third game. Couldn't upload the adventurous clip, which had to be 3 annual connected to prove I didn't get the NBA Live 18 Coins.

Found a way to get it digest OneDrive and actually YouTube, and accustom it to the Support ticket. And suddenly... nothing. I was accepting replies and they brimming as afresh as I had proof.

The added activity is this quote: "The aggregate of VC acclimatized to the abecedarian was the aggregate that abecedarian did not receive, as that is what our adjustment shows. I am atoning for any affliction this may acquire acquired you."

They adorable me that afterwards I acclimatized below than 1,000 VC that they said I was owed, if I was aphorism it was calmly 10-20k. Either he's lying beeline up, or they ahead they apperceive actually how abounding they owe us and will not accordance it unless we activity for it. I'm not constant which is worse.

Yeah ive had a brace of my accompany actually lose their MyPlayer actualization too.

I ambition NBA abide to do like bisected off if you advanced them your old classic of NBA Live18 or something lol I'm attainable to leave this company.