I can imagine his analytic pt2 conversation with Snell

Ben Simmons is the reason they lost to a bruised Celtics team though. His lack of ability to shoot really makes it so you can’t have another person 2-4 that can’t shoot the NBA Live Coins.

I’m a biased homer who would go with Tatum as his offense will only become more polished and I see him as at least a 20 ppg type of player. I think giannis over Simmons and Tatum though he’s already almost leading a team of scrubs the way bron does and with a better supporting cast would be THE superstar of the league imo.

I mean I like Giannis. He’s a great individual player. But that Milwaukee team should’ve never lost to Boston. They shouldn’t have been such a low playoff seed either. All I keep hearing is next year, next year.

After this season I’ve gotten to the point where I think Giannis is just one of those individually amazing players that never translates it to team success. I’d compare him to PG13 or young Melo but they had worse teams and achieved more. I’m just waiting for Antetokounmpo to prove me wrong.

They all have at least two people that when people hear their name are like wow yeah that guy is good. I see no one on that bucks team that’s better than Embiid or Simmons outside of giannis and like I said earlier to raise Simmons and hate on giannis is out of order imo. Giannis nearly carried his team against the Celtics while Simmons was the sole reason the Celtics could pick apart the 76ers offense.

Thon hasn’t developed since he was drafted as a 25 year old saying he was 19. Zeller plays 11 minutes gets 5 points 4 rebounds then plays 46 minutes and has 5 points 4 rebounds. Henson is a decent big. Does what he’s supposed to. But when you’re surrounded by those dumbass inflatable clowns that keep tipping back up whenever you knock them over, only so much can be done.

Jabari keeps getting injured trying to put on skinny jeans. Stick to JNCO dumb fuck. They’re just a disaster organization currently, even more so after blaming Kidd for it. I wish they hired Fizdale. I can imagine his analytic pt2 conversation with Snell.

Ya I agree with everything you said. Don't think you can put any blame on Giannis and Middleton. Celtics should have beaten the Cavs last night and I'd say the Bucks played them as tough as any of the 3 teams purely because of the top tier talent that is Giannis and Middleton.