Hoping for more modes and more NBA Live Coins

I’m okay with graphics and gameplay was pretty good but I’m just hoping for more modes and more NBA Live Coins.

I agree the gameplay has improved but there’s still lots of room for improvement before Live can take on 2K.

I don't think graphics are the weak spot, but they could add a lot more animations and interactions between players to make the games/plays feel more unique from one another.

Glad this is confirmed. 2k needs a competitor and Live used to be the best on the market. Competition is best for everyone. I'll try Live next year. Thinking about getting 18 still, don't want to pay $30 for it though this late

I'll stop by Gamestop this week sometime and see if they have it used. I know it's $30 new so it might be $20 used. Played the demo, it wasn't bad. I've already used my free trial of EA Access. I want to check out the game modes though, those weren't in the demo, obviously. But I'll pay $20 for it.

I bought it at Walmart for $7 because they labeled it wrong. I bought all 12 copies and had cheap Xmas presents last year. Also, you could do a month of EA Access for $4.99 if you really want to be cheap.

Might need to try that though. I'm going to Walmart later though, maybe my electronics department is stupid and labeled it wrong also. I'll get a prepaid Visa there if it's not labeled wrong that way I don't end up paying for EA Access forever.

I registered months in advance last year as I was excited for Live 18. The problem is they don't limit registrations so I drove my ass to Hollywood, paid for $20 parking only to find a line wrapped around the whole building, not moving with no hope of getting in before closing.