Guy is one of the most under valued players in the NBA

Whenever the refs actually let us play the game of basketball, we would go on huge runs and the Pelicans would go down by 15+. First 10 minutes of the game, a few minutes in the 2nd, most of the 3rd, and now in the 4th we're up NBA Live Coins.

Man shoutout to Cook tonight, he played really well with the minutes he was given. Still cannot believe we got him from the G league.

I know it doesn't feel like much but I think it was important for Curry to make these shots in garbage time. You want him feeling good and having some confidence after this game. Will help him going into Game 5.

Guy is one of the most under valued players in the NBA. Complete liability on defense. But great fit for our offensive system.

I turn the volume somewhat low so that I can still hear the actions on the court and crowd perfectly fine but whatever JVG and Mark Jackson is saying just comes off as a bunch of mumbles.

Given that Steph got his first major injury this season in garbage time in THIS building against THIS team, can we sub him the fuck out already? let's not tempt the basketball gods any longer.

They're down to the topic of washing cars?? Tired of the JVG and Mark Jackson Show I'm tryna watch a basketball game!

As opposed to guys who want to go out and do their thing. Winning sometimes requires you to do things you don’t WANT to do. Some guys won’t do those things.

Man I love you Steph but please stop jacking up 3's. I know you want to get into rhythm but go for mid ranges first.

If he was doing roids he would prob have had more injuries. not to say there's no PEDs in the NBA.

Although it seemed like we made the good move at the time, we essentially let Ian walk so we could sign Swaggy for 3x the price.