Every player is an offensive threat in their own way

Now we see how valuable Lin and D'Angelo are. This Philly run looks very similar to last season's runs. Still, the 2nd unit guys have to right the ship. LeVert is forcing, has to let the game come to him. Crabbe needs setting up to get in Buy NBA Live 18 Coins.

Not a fan of playing Rondae at the 5. Especially against Embiid. While we’re on the subject, what’s up with RHJ’s free throws?

Lin gotta take some more shots, I know that he is facilitating a lot, but when almost everyone else is cold, we need him to start taking over games.

Lol dont worry about the score. i think the coach literally was like "lets see what you other "guards" can do without d'lo and j.lin in the game for 12 minute" lmao this is all an experiment.

Every player is an offensive threat in their own way, and the passing is so great. And we've forced 4 turnovers in 4 minutes?

Gotta love Rondae man. He's nice, humble, and works hard every game and training opportunity! He's made a great change to his jumper!

RHJ is doing great, but the guy missed 4 straight FTs that kinda stuff should not happen. Still very impressed with how much RHJ has improved. We need to learn to play without the help of Lin and Dlo. Expect some growing pains as Atkinson tries to figure things out and our players outside of Lin or Dlo gets their shit together and learns to actually play without those two.

The problem right now is that our starters (other than Mozzie) have been doing their job, but our bench has been utterly horrible.