Died from heart failure in their NBA Live Coins

Turns out all the roids, and painkillers, and recreational drugs were awful on wrestlers' long term heart health. As Dave says, pretty much everyone who dropped dead had some kind of addiction to one of those three things and died from heart failure in their NBA Live Coins.

He used them his whole career and in his book he claimed he thought a heart problem he was diagnosed with was from steroids but actually from the alcohol according to the doctor.

That shit is proof he had to have sold his soul to the devil for a long life. I sleep 4 or 5 hours one night, and I feel like knocking out motherfuckers with a steel pipe if anyone says anything wrong. Vince operates on little sleep, with all the shit he's (supposedly) done, and yet he's still out and about in his 70's.

Hell, if you really want to go out there, look at rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne or Keith Richards. They've probably done every drug imaginable (and then some), and yet not only are they still alive, many of them are STILL touring every once in a while.

For me it was that logo change. It was like they saw the success of the Attitude era and chalked it all up to WWF's logo change and nothing else.

The Juice and Oklahoma made them look so bush league. They even took Road Dogg's brother, Brian Armstrong, and tried to make him looking exactly as Road Dogg with the gimmick Buzzkill.

It would be one thing if Ross was in on it, and it was good buddies poking a little fun. Not only was it guys who pretty much bailed on the WWF on little notice to go to the competitor that did that, but they did go way overboard with some of that stuff.

I laughed really hard when one day on What Happened When podcast, Tony Schiavone called it an exploding vagina.

The logic was supposedly Eric really wanting their own Nike swoosh, something that was immediately recognizable. Why they'd change the recognizable logo that looked fine and everyone already liked for that stupid star thing is anyone's guess.

Love it or hate it, the scratch logo fit the product and the times: the World Wrestling Federation you grew up on got knocked on its side and got up looking grittier, dirtier and edgier. I suppose WCW's logo fit: it sucked as bad as the show but I doubt that's what they were going for.