Completely beyond Switch at that NBA Live Mobile Coins

You can’t say that a year into a platform because what’s been happening is exactly the opposite of that. Now power plays a part but the industry is moving towards flexibility with their engines.

Xbox said they plan on having the most powerful Xbox ever for next Gen and that development started. Bethesda said Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI are next Gen too. That implies it's completely beyond Switch at that NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Blades game is an excellent example of a flexible engine future. I imagine we will see more of this going forward as companies realize they can design one game to play across many devices across a range of power.

These companies are selfish, which is fine to an extent, and because of that we won't see their top titles on the Switch. Then again, with games like Fortnite and Pokémon which may draw larger crowds and Pok émon is a console seller, there could be potential.

But they're also coming from the 3DS, and while pretty much every western support was barely on it and most of the big Japanese support stopped caring that much after year 3 but Level-5 and Atlus, that thing sold over 70 million units and that didn't change a thing.

I don't know maybe the direct partnership with Bethesda, the marketing being mainly focused on adults/young adults, the entire aesthetic of the Switch being significantly more sophisticated than the Switch.

Sure they have casual games, but Nintendo would not have been caught dead putting something like dark souls on the Wii.

Right, certainly wouldn't have had something like Madworld, RE games, No More Heroes, Silent Hill or House of The Dead. Nintendo consoles have always had mature games, just not as high a percentage of their library.

I ain't wasting my time with someone that can say that the Wii and Switch are basically the same thing and are targeting the same demographic.

Huge games require tons of power in order to run, the Switch simply doesn't have the amount of juice needed to sustain the processing speeds needed for even a decent amount of battery life on resource heavy titles.