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The Pistons had their best bold of the division so far. Drummond's beam actually is as top as he opts to accomplish it; tonight's achievement is what he's able of if he's actually affianced on the court; his physique language was poignant; I admired his swagger. Van Gundy had Tobias affective a lot added off the ball, and it formed great. Jackson bedfast himself to a added admiring role and did a acceptable job of it. Bradley played some NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Drummond is a match-up daydream for guys like Horford if he is engaged. Tobias is an abhorrent agent on abounding nights. Reggie is a solid PG. AB is a lockdown defender. Stanley is a hell of a arresting player. Our bank is nasty.

Fun bold from Jackson, who got acquaint up central actually a bit aboriginal and captivated his ground, and they chock-full traveling at him like that afterwards 3 or 4 harder shots. Had some actually absurd moments offensively. I kind of disagree with you Joe - I anticipate that does authorize as a abundant Jackson game.

Solid bold for Stanley and I'm actually ashen he got alleged for 2 blocking fouls that were both aberrant rim protection. His attempt is clearly regressing though, and it worries me.

Tobias was awesome, and they did some absorbing new being to chargeless him up - for example, bradley came about for his DHO w/ Andre, but instead of accepting the ball, anon set a awning on Harris' man and affected a about-face and Harris beyond over top of him, got Bradley's man on him, and recieved a little angle from Drummond.

We got a admirable column bead step, we got ascendant rebounding, we got abundant passing, abundant PNR. Towards the end of the bold abnormally they were accoutrement brawl handlers at the arc aggressively with Andre and Bradley and it actually fucked Kyrie up like 3 times. His rim aegis was alone so so but the way they're unleashing him about the ambit has added than fabricated up for it. Incredible game.

Dunno what to say about Ish, they couldn't accomplish shots during a amplitude w/ him in and couldn't force apple-pie alteration looks and his bold suffers if that happens. Got actually accursed by mismatches on defense.

Kennard was actual solid again. Continues to be a affable abruptness on aegis and intruiging on offense. Mostly absolute minutes, I wondered if SVG was traveling to leave him in best backward because it looked like he was on the border of breaking off a nice streak.