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Regarding deaths in wrestling vs other sports one point I don't see raised too often is the average age of a wrestler at their peak against other athletes. It seems accepted that a wrestler won't truly reach their full potential until the early to mid 30s whereas in other sports that's around retirement age and the reason that is is because they're past physically being able to perform at the NBA Live Coins.

I will always be partial to the beer truck as my favorite Raw moment as I was in the building in Albany when it happened. Fun fact, the truck came from DeCrescente Distributing in Mechanicville.

I was reading through some of the Benoit stuff just before coming here funnily enough. I had forgotten about the apparent calculated nature of the killings. Damn. I also hadn't realized the DEA knew of Benoit and his supplies.

I am not against steroids in wrestling or in sport to be honest. It seems to me the biggest killer in wrestling is the abuse of steroids.. and the often forgotten combination of pain killers and cocaine.

Alcohol is probably somewhere in there too. The only people who are caught cheating with drugs in real sports are the people who made the mistake of getting caught.

I also think the vast amount of pain he put his body through was a massive contributor. I remember Kevin Nash saying it best.. it's a dead end. Putting yourself through all that is so unnecessary. Counter productive even. Hogan was of a similar mindset and even told Marc Mero that he wouldn't have to do that if he knew how to work when he saw Mero wrapping various parts of himself in tape. All Mero could do was think how his jump for the leg drop was further off the ground than the Hulkster's and so on. The gall of Hogan to tell me about working he thought. He understands now.

Various parts of Hogan and Nash's bodies both gave out though. Nash before he even got into wrestling. Hogan.. probably a combination of a crazy schedule and the steroids. I woul    d say Benoit broke his body in another way to Hogan though. Dynamite Kid is an example to learn from. Not follow in my opinion.

I think the wrestling business is a lot like pornography or something to do with intelligence agencies and shit like that. Everybody loses something along the way.