Before you brought the NBA Live Mobile Coins

I always wanted to know this since I was on the floor in the crowd that night you drove the beer truck to the ring on Monday Night Raw before WrestleMania XV. When we first saw the lights of the truck behind the curtain, I noticed the truck clipped the bottom of the Titantron, started to drag, then somehow stopped before you brought the NBA Live Mobile Coins.

While it wasn’t certainly the craziest thing I ever saw at a live wrestling event, you destroying the set certainly would’ve changed some shit. Were you ever aware of this close call and did you have any rehearsal in driving the truck and working the hose besides pointing it at the ring and spraying?"

Well, Steven, good question. Hey, man, I remember when we took off in that truck, that damn Titantron started brushing on the top of the truck but I just said "Well, hell. You know, I’m already commited now. I gotta bring this sum bitch down to the ring".

So, I didn’t know if it was gonna fall off or not. It was what it was, and as far as— you know, I think I bumped that damn ring. Or nah. Bumping the ring might have been with the Zamboni. Yeah, I stopped the beer truck straight up and then when I got out, hell, man. I’ve done a lot of things but I never worked no firehose.

And so I just grabbed that hose and it was all on the fly, completely live, no rehearsal. And the first 30 gallons coming out of that hose was beer and then it turned to water. So, it was all on the fly, it was completely ad libbed, and go with what you got.

And of course that damn crazy ass Vince McMahon slipping around swimming in the ring, I think Shane was in there bumping his ass off everywhere, Rock doing his thing getting pissed off. He had those black warm-ups on, the sunglasses.

It was a hell of a build to a hell of a match at WrestleMania XV with one of my favorite opponents of all time The Rock. And so anyway, I think they probably might have taken that truck underneath that girder there at Raw but I never did, so it was what it was. And man, once those red lights go on that camera and they break that glass, it’s your ass because I’m gonna do what I gotta do and that’s what happened.

Now, in a moment we’re going to talk about the WrestleMania build in general but the Raw leading into it the main event was Steve Austin and The Big Show. Which you would think new guy coming in against the guy in the company you could build the hell out of this, big Pay Per View match down the line, have it for the title and be Vince’s guy.