Be around 11pm-1am rather than NBA Live Coins

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think if my knowledge of times are right you should definitely pick an Eastern conference team so you can watch more games as they'd be around 11pm-1am rather than NBA Live Coins.

My NBA team is Celtics (I did not even know they were the most successful franchise along with the Lakers when I picked them) I only picked Celtics because I went to Boston for a Holliday many years ago and I got some Irish on me.

Imo if I was you pick Philly since they have a great future, they like to travel to London a lot, They are a big franchise but not big enough to be called a bandwagon fan (like Lakers and Celtics historically and currently.

I started following the Cavs at the beginning of this year because of LeBron. Now, even if LeBron leaves I will continue rooting for the Cavs since I have become attached to the team. We will probably suck for awhile, but true fans cheer for their team regardless of how relevant your team is.

You have to pick a bad team so that no one can call you a bandwagon jumper and you can get in on the ground floor. Kings and suns have been bad for a long time, you could also go nets. Pick a young guy you like and then you can follow his career.

If you are a grown man and say "my team" you are soy. Just pick three or four exciting teams to follow throughout the season and watch their big games and highlights for the others. Houston (Non GSW championship contender), Utah (Really fun to watch and Donovan Mitchell is a budding superstar).

Philly (Starting to get real good), wherever Lebron plays next season. Denver is great, Celtics are going to make a run for the finals next season. Fuck Toronto. Fuck KD. OKC isn't very fun to watch.