As continued as the gameplay improves

What irritates me the a lot of is that they accept a absolute arrangement in NBA Live of what appearance to put in the abuse bold and just like sleezy ass EA, They're gonna authority aback basal being like agenda editor and absolute roster updates until the next bold comes out and again alarm them "new features”. No acumen that this being should be missing if you took and added year to absolution NBA Live 18 Coins.

It's consistently as if it takes time to apparatus appearance and advance a bold that was rebuilt from abreast scratch.

Personally, I couldn't affliction beneath about agenda editing. As continued as they eventually get the gameplay down abreast absolute I'm good. Even if they didn't add a individual new affection for the next 4 years. As continued as the gameplay improves. I'm sold, anniversary and every year. Just my claimed assessment though.

Maybe they should've waited an added year then. There's alone one added bold that's your antagonism and it's asinine to even absolution a adversary with a bound affection set. And there's no alibi for those roster updates IMO.