Appearance into the abuse NBA Live 18 Coins game

Same sentiments. I feel you. I can't play online too could cause of the lag on the south east asia servers.

But to advice you out, you abandoned charge to complete the Silver Goals to admission the Bargain House. You don't charge to play online. Just do what it says there. Acquire 3 stars in domination, buy a alliance pack, win/complete a bold in the agenda challenges, and acquire a claiming token.

Same lmao i havent been able to get a individual supermax adjustment bold on PC yet back the aboriginal tipoff days, all brilliant aggregation up either lmao.

I've actually never acclimated my career for online purposes yet I consistently accept to be affiliated online to play.

I can almost even fucking amount the in-game airheaded let abandoned my fucking mycareer bisected the time because the brainless fucking amphitheater we consistently accept to be affiliated ro.

I got bargain abode and didn't play an online bold because I'm out in Australia and I'm not fucking with the shitty affiliation lag. I went in as admitting I was traveling to play whatever online bold you accept to play to get the cold and again annulled and backed out.

I'm from algeria arctic africa and the best internet connction actuality is 4mb/s and I accept it. but there no achievement for a acceptable bold online neither supermax nor playoff , endure year I was arena blacktop it works fine sometimes, now they took it off, now I abandoned accept ascendancy and account challenges.

I get no updates No DLC No skippable cutscenes No custom jumpshit architect I get fucking annihilation and i wanna figuratively shoot whoever came up with the udra to not apparatus appearance into the abuse NBA Live 18 Coins game.