Always find new people to hang with NBA Live Coins

Never knew it was considered pathetic or sad to go out in public my yourself. I do it all the time and fine and happy with it. movies, dinner, sports etc. I go on many vacations alone and find I have less anxiety than going with someone else. I am on my own schedule and always find new people to hang with NBA Live Coins.

Every time I take a girl to the movie I ask "do you want something from the concession" they almost always say no then insist on eating half of my massively overpriced box of candy.

Your attitude is setting yourself up for failure, tell me one way that doing some thing alone will effect you. It’s not weird to go out alone it’s just boring that’s why I always go in a group and not alone. I promise you no one is gonna waste their time to say,” lol look at that loser” and if they do than those ppl aren’t even worth your time.

I always felt like the only people who give a fuck about this are lone wolves themselves. I’ve never experienced someone calling me or other people who went out by themselves “losers”.

And if someone actually makes fun of you because of this, why should you give a fuck? You have the balls to do it, they don’t. End of story.

Idk I just picture myself at like a Star Wars premiere and I’m waiting in line by myself everyone is all dressed up with their groups and my presence is giving awkward vibes.

The stigma of going out alone is blown out of proportion and not a bid deal, maybe you only see it that way because you're the problem? Not saying you have a problem but it seems like it's more of a personal feeling than a hugly accepted public opinion.

Smells of insecurity a little bit. You gotta understand that other people didn’t come in there to judge others, they came for the Star Wars movie and probably couldnt give less fucks about you being alone in there.

Their primary motive is to see the film but if they see something strange they’ll take notice. Like when you’re driving down the road and gawk at an accident you didn’t start driving with that intent right?

Well a car crash with the police and medics involved, a huge mess and chaos going on is quite a bit different than a person, waiting to get into the movie theater.