All of their teams have a rich sports history

He's probably talking about all the success the city has had. All of their teams have a rich sports history. It's obviously gonna be a different feeling being there.

Cleveland for sure is a sports city and one of the best supporters in the country, but I think the title just implies it isn't Chicago, NY, or Boston. More of a complement to Boston than a shot at Cleveland.

Yeah that could be it but still I don't remember him ever being like this. The woke and asshole side of Kyrie seems very new.

I love Kyrie and he's been my favorite player for the past 6 years, and had no hard feelings despite him wanting to not be on the Cavs anymore for some reason he won't tell.

He saw the parade. He knows how much it meant to this city. I don't know why he would say something like this NBA Live Mobile Coins.